About Us

Forsage LLC was founded in 1998. Since then the company imports/exports different types of capsules (twist-off caps, pilfer proof caps, crown caps, roll on caps, PVC and polylaminate capsules, natural corks etc.) from the leading companies in Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Portugal etc. .

In 2002 was founded another company “Thermo Caps” LLC. It separated from “Forsage” LLC and began the production of PVC and polylaminate capsules. It supplies with decorative thermo shrinkable capsules the wineries of Armenia over 10 years. It is the only company in Armenia who produces this product.

In 2008 was founded “Forcing” LLC which also separated from “Forsage” LLC by importing different types of natural corks for wine, cognac, brandy, champagne bottles from Portugal.